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Pietro e Lucia



Dear Sir/madam,

Let me introduce to you an offer for cooperation in implementation of world premiere of opera-ballet drama “Pietro e Lucia”, created by Slovak director Dušan Rapoš, based on a novel by Romain Rolland, Nobel Prize winner for literature. As an owner of the license, along with the Radio and Television of Slovakia RTVS, we have prepared 85 min documentary about the creation of this monumental work, completed with subtitles of lyrics and commentary in five languages (English, French, Russian, Italian and Slovak). DVD documentary is attached to this letter. For video click HERE.

Our offer of cooperation, which we are ready to discuss, is a common approach to introduce this work of art to the world art markets. Our goal is to use this to present the human love and understanding, the absurdity of war and the current terrorism. We have prepared a business plan of shows and we have all the necessary props and costumes for performances.

To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and willingness to familiarize yourself with our proposal and I look forward to our cooperation.

Best Regards,

lucia e pietro Aj