Pietro e Lucia
Welcome on website of opera-ballet drama Pietro e Lucia! Immortal love story of Peter and Lucia from Rolland's famous anti-war story has revived in the form of opera-ballet drama with an Italian name Pietro e Lucia. Its modern message is to call to common battle of people of all continents against international terrorism and local wars.
World premiere of the drama took place on December 2nd, 2010 in Tesla Arena in Prague. At present, the production team is working on other shows for the public in Slovakia and also in Russia and other countries.


  • Also in USA!

    Director Dušan Rapoš has a reason to be happy. Sale of the 2CD of symphony-rock-opera-ballet drama Pietro e Lucia is covered by Amrican company from Portland. Symbolically, it started to sell the piece about an innocent love on February 14, 2013 for 12,97 USD so it is available to large masses of classic music lovers.   You can find the whole article HERE.

  • Interview with the author of Pietro e Lucia- Dušan Rapoš

    Director DUŠAN RAPOŠ: ” To be a good father and husband is more than be a famous artist”   You can find the whole interview with the author of Pietro e Lucia HERE

  • Pietro e Lucia Documentary on DVD now!

    Company MJ Advisory s.r.o. as the only owner of the license Pietro e Lucia, in cooperation with RTVS, has prepared documentary from premiere of Pietro e Lucia in Prague. Comentary for the Slovak version of DVD was narrated by great Slovak actor Tomáš Maštalír. Documentary is available with French, English and Russian subtitles.  DVD is available for sale, so feel free to contact us, if you are interested.